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Contrast was founded in 1996 in Belgrade as an entrepreneurial startup by Branko and Jovan. 
In past decades, Contrast is most often recognized by PlanPlus - Digital maps of Serbia.
However, this is just one of our pioneering ventures in the Serbian IT market.



During the nineties, more and more companies are using PCs in their everyday business in Serbia. We recognized that accounting software does not have to be tailor-made for each company individually. That was the reason why we created Stručnjak, a software that was easy to use and customize.


Formular 1.

While implementing Stručnjak, we realized that businesses were losing hours and hours in filling in the forms used daily in communication with the state agencies. Formular 1 made easy filling in and printing all these forms. During the next 20 years, to the satisfaction of thousands of customers, we regularly updated this application.



Twenty-two years before the formal introduction of first e-diaries to schools in Serbia, we created Škole, software that was used to generate a timetable, tracking statistics of grades and absences from classes, etc.


PlanPlus 98

In the summer of 1998, we released the first digital maps of Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Čačak.
The PlanPlus was born!
For the next eleven years, with every new version, PlanPlus will be in some way a pioneering project.
With over 200,000 copies sold, PlanPlus is also the best selling software in Serbia.



By the end of 1998, nearly seven years before Google Maps, Serbia had its street maps on the web. From the very beginning, PlanPlus has been continuously one of the 15 most visited sites in Serbia for a unique number of visitors. Over the past two decades, PlanPlus.rs has received numerous awards, including 15 nominations for the TOP 50 list of best and most useful domestic internet sites selected by the renowned computer magazine PC Press.


PlanPlus MMI

Serbian IT market will remember PlanPlus MMI as the first software in Serbia released on Sony SecuROM copy protected CD.


PlanPlus 2003

PlanPlus gets the regional and local road network connecting existing city maps into a fully routable map of Serbia.


PlanPlus 2006

PlanPlus map enters into the world of GPS.
Most of the leading manufacturers of navigation software operating in the region, such as iGO, Mio, Mireo and NDrive, use our maps in their products.
And let's not forget: PlanPlus 2006 is the first software in Serbia with online registration and updates.


PlanPlus 10

Eleven years after the launch of the first version of PlanPlus, the last desktop version was released.



We have provided creative concept, development, as well as maintenance of location tracking and sharing platform for Telekom Srbija business customers.



The leading independent location technology specialist integrates our map data for Serbia and Montenegro into their global coverage. Contrast becomes TomTom's partner who will continue to develop and maintain data for this region.


Striving to keep the reputation of one of the most useful portals on the Serbian web, our team works hard every day to meet the expectations of thousands of users.


With our experience, knowledge, tradition, and commitment, we are focused on the development of new ideas.

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